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PHOTO: Rare photo of Apollonia Vanova from the Man Of Steel set. She's the 3rd woman on General Zod's team. Apollonia Vanova also played Silhouette in Watchmen. : DC_Cinematic

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‎Impulse (2008) directed by Charles T. Kanganis • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

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Is Apollonia Vanova Gay?

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While that is totally time and character appropriate, it is not exactly politically correct in this day and age.

  • Apollonia Vanova - Owns a building at: 1240 Bloor Street West in Toronto and has been know to not pay contractors when they complete work for her on her building.

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How do you make a gallery with concrete floors and white walls feel warm, comfortable and inviting enough to sleep over? Apollonia Vanova is described as Actress.

  • The work is surreal and one can draw a multitude of conclusions from one piece.

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