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10 Common Tourist Traps and Scams in Bali to Avoid

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Ladyboy Brothel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

At the bar we met a man who referred to himself only as Strider; he was your typical 50-something divorced Australian male who travels to Thailand with enough money to find a younger girlfriend.

  • If you are of the adventurous kind, come to little lanes behind shops in Chow Kit, where you can find super hot transgender hookers.

10 Common Tourist Traps and Scams in Bali to Avoid

In fact, there are more prostitution and massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur than in the whole of Sydney, Melbourne, and London put together! The purpose of making this blog is giving you the best tips, tricks, travel highlights for your amazing holiday to Asia.

  • And that's saying something because the Rave has a shiny dome! Phuket may not have the same reputation as Bangkok or Pattaya, but the island's foreigner-oriented naughty nightlife industry is large.